1st July 2016 Daniel


On Thursday I attended a talk by Snask at the Arnolfini. Run by the West of England Design Forum it was a strange format for a talk. The creative director, Fredrik Öst, was accompanied by a house band, VÄG, who played during each section of the talk and held a gig at the end, once the talk was finished.

Snask are a multi talented creative agency from Sweden, who certainly approach the creative process differently. Much of the work is created using a hands-on approach, whether that involved building massive 3D typography for a poster or creating a stop motion advert with cake.



I love their manifesto to work/life:

The Snask Manifesto

01/ If you don’t like your job – quit.

02/ If you love someone – let it show.

03/ Generosity always pays itself back.

04/ Always achieve greatness yourself before pointing out the faults and mistakes of others.

05/ Bureaucracy is spelled Bureaucrazy.

06/ Talk with clients like you talk to your family, friends and pets.

07/ Social skills are as important as being good at setting type or knowing how to spell.

08/ See people as people, not as target groups.

09/ Just because you wear a black suit, doesn’t mean you’re a goddamn professional.

10/ Having enemies is a good thing. It proves that you stood up for something sometime in your life.



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